A new revelation has come in the murder of famous singer Sidhu Musewala.

In this case, the police was investigating that a new disclosure fact has come to the fore in this heinous murder.

According to media reports, Goldie Brad has taken the responsibility of this murder, this gang is Canada based.

More information is being received that Sidhu Musewala was also on the target of Loreles Bishnoi gang of Punjab.

Looking at the manner in which the murder of Sidhu Musewala has been carried out

it can be inferred that this act has been done in a very well-organized manner as he was targeted at a time

When the Punjab government was working on his security. Had given.

The attack on Musewala took place in Jawahar village in Mansa district.

Police found that a total of 12 rounds were fired at Musewala's Thar car.

Due to which Musewala died on the spot while his two other accomplices were seriously injured.

Goldie Brad gang is undoubtedly behind the murder of Musewala, but for what reason it is not clear yet.

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